Spiritual Guidance from your Akashic Records


           You can access your AKASHIC RECORDS,

     the library of your soul's journey since inception.

       Every thought, word and action; the  

  past, present and future possibilities are 

  recorded in your Soul's Akashic Record.

      There are many paths to God and many

  paths to peace.  Choose wisely for

  yourself,  for you are writing your own

 "Book of Life" with every breath and every 

  experience. You are a great creator.   You

  can choose to create joy, peace and love.

Denise and Edward Conmey, Akashic Record Consultants and Teachers 


Welcome to a lifetime of renewed peace, deeper loving, self empowerment, knowing your truth as a Divine Being, unity, a closer connection to God (Divine Intelligence).  These are just some of the benefits of accessing your Soul's Akashic Record.          

With this loving & illuminating process you may:

Receive positive spiritual guidance from your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones * Align with your soul's purpose * Enhance creativity * Access past, present and potential future information * Release limitations, patterns and beliefs through Grace *Love yourself and others unconditionally *Access peace as a way of life * Create positive life experiences * Empower yourself to transform relationships, career and other life aspects.

Intentions of Ed and Denise Conmey

To assist people in connecting to the highest level that they are willing to open to in their spiritual evolvement; to help others to become self-empowered and to live in peace, harmony and loving.

As we are each empowered in the truth of who we are in the Divine, the loving unification of knowing that we are all connected, one to another, allows us to grow and evolve as a universal mass consiousness. We can choose to share love and peace and live it as a way of life.



The Akashic Records

   The Akashic Records are the individual record of a soul from the time it leaves its point of origin until its return. It is the vibrational etching into the cellular structure of all things.

   At the time we make the decision to experience life as an independent being, there is a field of energy created to record every thought, word, emotion and action generated by that experience. That field of energy is the Akashic Records. Akashic, because it is composed of Akasha (the energetic substance from which all life is formed) and Records, because it's objective is to record all life experience.

   Our reading of this right now is an action that is being recorded.  If there is value in retracing any thought, feeling or action of this moment, it can be utilized for our benefit anytime for upliftment and healing.

Accessing the Akashic Records

   By opening the Akashic Records with a sacred prayer, we align ourselves to the vibration of the one receiving the consultation (either ourselves or another). The prayer works with energetic vibration to "key in" to the specific "name" of the life form, and carries with it God's protection through the Masters, Teachers and loved Ones.

   The information in the Akashic Record helps us bring our past and our future, present into the "now". By accessing the Akashic Records, we can identify and release anything that we have created, that has become a block to our present realization of our oneness with God.

   We can look at why we have addictive patterns, why we choose the relationships we do, why we have created our habitual responses, and how to create action in our lives instead of re-action.

   The healing energy of the Akashic Records allows us the freedom to choose grace in all things; therefore, overriding any illusion we have created that causes us to believe we are separate from God/Spirit/Source.


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Akashic Awareness